How Long Can Tramadol Remain in Your Body System?

It Is Hard to Determine an Exact Time Tramadol Will Appear on a Drug Test

How long can TRamadol remain in your body

To determine how long Tramadol stays in the body system you will need to take into account several circumstances. Among them are individual’s metabolism, hydration level, physical activity, weight, age, health conditions and other factors. Besides that, the kind of a drug test you use is also important. Some tests can detect Tramadol in a relatively short period of time, while other tests can find it even after 3 months pass.

Due to this, it is almost impossible to determine an exact time Tramadol will appear on a drug test. Below, there are examples of some drug tests and an estimated time for Tramadol detection.

Urine Test

A urine test can detect Tramadol within 2-4 days.

Blood Test

Tramadol can stay in blood for up to 6 hours.

Saliva Test

A saliva test can identify Tramadol within 1-4 days.

Hair Follicle Drug Test


Hair follicle drug test can detect Tramadol and many other drugs for up to one and a half month.

How to Prevent Tramadol Overdose?

Tramadol belongs to a group of medications known as opiate painkillers. Thus, this medication is a narcotic. Doctors prescribe Tramadol to cure different types of pain.

To prevent Tramadol overdose you should follow your doctor’s instructions properly and understand how long Tramadol stays in your body to ensure you do not take too much of it.

The most common symptoms of Tramadol overdose are:

  • Decreased pupil size
  • Breathing problems
  • Tiredness and sleepiness
  • Unregular heartbeat
  • Unconsciousness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Coma
  • Cold, clammy skin

As with the case of all opioid-based drugs, Tramadol overdoses can be treated with Narcan if they are detected early enough. If you think someone has overdosed, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Narcan helps to treat overdoses of opioid medications, including Tramadol, on early stages. If you noticed somebody who has overdosed, seek medical help or call 911 immediately.


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