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Tramadol Information

All prescription drugs should be used with care. With tramadol, it’s important to take the dose set by your doctor or pharmacist. You should not increase the dosage without getting your doctor’s approval and do not take it for longer than indicated. Never take more than 300 mg in any 24 hours.

You should not crush the tablet or capsule. Simply take the dose with a glass of water at the same times every day. It’s your choice as to whether to take it before or after eating. Whatever you decide, be consistent about time.

There’s a risk of dependence if you take tramadol for too long or at too high a dose. Use it wisely to avoid the problem of dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

You should aim to take the tablets at the same times every day. If you miss a dose, do not try to catch up by doubling the dose when the next is due. If you do exceed the daily dosage limit and begin to feel ill, seek emergency help. In some cases, a tramadol overdose can be fatal.

If you have problems with alcohol or other drugs, it’s unwise to add another potentially addictive substance to the list of things you consume. Even more important is the effect if you mix tramadol with alcohol or some other drugs. The combination with any other substance that slows down the body can threaten your health. Avoid sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, anti-allergy medications, antidepressants and any drugs prescribed to prevent seizures.

Do not take tramadol if you have recently had a head injury or there’s a history of epilepsy or seizures. You should also get specific advice from your doctor if you are depressed or have ever been tempted to commit suicide. Finally, tramadol may harm an unborn baby, so do not take it during pregnancy and, because it can pass into breast milk, do not take it while you are nursing your baby.

To help you understand the differences in the jargon used by the pharmaceutical industry, the full scientific name of this drug is Tramadol Hydrochloride, sometimes shortened to Tramadol HCL. This is used as the generic name of the drug. It is also sold as Ultram. The drug remains the same. Only the name changes.

You will also see Tramadol APAP (also sold as Ultracet). This is a combination of Tramadol and Acetaminophen (an over-the-counter drug used for pain relief). In this form, the combination of opioid and non-opiate is used for no more than five days to relieve acute pain, e.g. following surgery.

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Buy Tramadol Online Without a Prescription

If you are in the real world system, you make time to consult your regular doctor, collect a prescription and buy at the retail prices in your local brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Online it’s different. None of the best pharmacies ask for a prescription. You go through the ordering system, answering a few questions about your health. A licensed doctor checks your answers and approves the order. No hassle. No time wasted queuing. It only takes a few minutes in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Then, with payment made, your drugs are on the way to your door.

There is one more advantage. The online prices are a fraction the retail prices in your local stores. Even when you add in the cost of shipping, you are still saving money.

Overall, you get fast service, save a lot of money, and your privacy is protected. Buying online should be your first choice.

Before tramadol, there was an extreme choice. You could take aspirin or you could take one of the most powerful opiates and feel no pain. Now tramadol gives you freedom from pain in the moderate to severe range.

The clinical trials for this drug have continued. The medical profession is never confident it has the best practice. The most recent publication out of the Mayo Clinic shows a new approach to the use of tramadol in major surgery. In the past, you would wheel someone into the operating theater and, in the recovery room, use the most powerful drugs to control the pain. Now, patients start taking tramadol two or sometimes three days before the operation. This produces the right concentration of painkiller in the blood stream so the post-operative recovery is faster without having to rely on potentially addictive opiates.

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